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Researchers have added another reason to optimize vitamin D intake—prevention of heart disease and stroke. Scientists discovered that, in a cell study, vitamin D restored a healthy balance between 2 key compounds required to maintain endothelial function. The beneficial compound is nitric oxide that maintains youthful blood vessel elasticity. The toxic one isperoxynitrite that inflicts blood vessel damage.1-4 This study showed that the addition of vitamin D to the cell culture resulted in an increase in protective nitric oxide and a decrease in destructive peroxynitrite.4 Restoring this balance represents a novel approach to reducing overall risk for cardiovascular disasters. Low blood levels of vitamin D are also associated with increased arterial stiffness—the loss...

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  Every adult loses muscle mass with age.1 This is not just a cosmetic issue. Age-related muscle loss increases the risk for falls, fractures, loss of independence, and ultimately, loss of life. This decline in muscle mass, which begins as early as the 4th decade, is called sarcopenia.2 It leads to increased nursing home placement and hospitalization rates.3 And as muscle mass falls, the risk of disability greatly increases.4,5 Exercise can help prevent age-related muscle loss, but is only one of the components necessary to maintain adequate muscle strength. Two key nutrients have been shown to rebuild lost muscle in aging individuals: Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) increases and preserves muscle mass in adults...

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